Windows 7 the Animation

Madobe Nanami no Windows 7 de PC Jisaku Ouen Commercial!! is Objectively a Perfect Anime.

It has a main character with a well-defined goal, the main character achieves said goal, it’s even short enough to watch while you poop. What more could you ask for?

This short came about as a marketing approach Microsoft Japan to strengthen their brand with fans of “moe” anime. It started with a popular trend on 2chan for artists to draw personifications of different versions of operating systems as cute anime girls. Microsoft decided to piggy back off of this popularity and created an official OS-tan for Windows 7 named Madobe Nanami. 7777 bundles of Windows 7 Ultimate DSP were released that included a special Windows theme which also had 3 desktop background images, all featuring Nanami. It even had a Nanami voice pack for system sounds on a DVD with the mercial.

But why do I need a commercial if I already bought it?

Which leads us to…

The Plot

Our heroine is a computer store employee named Nanami. Her task is to teach you how to set up your computer for Windows 7. Though the details are broadly glossed over; she tells you that you need a case, a motherboard that fits it, a CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, and a DVD drive to get the ball rolling. She then goes on to showcase a few of the new features of Windows 7.

One thing that stands out about this plot is that it equates to Microsoft encouraging you to build your own computer. I can’t think of any ad campaign in the West that does the same. In general, it’s expected that you buy a pre-built computer with Windows installed while maybe a few weirdo gamers actually build their own computers.

The Production

Whoever managed the staffing for this project obviously knew a good bit about otaku culture. For Nanami, they were able to get Nana Mizuki as her voice actor. This anime was produced in 2010, after Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, so she was already a well-established voice actor. Also, Nana’s name can also conveniently be read to mean “Seven”.

The director, Kawaguchi Keiichiro, having most recently helmed the anime adaptation of Phantasy Star Online 2, is also responsible for the direction of other popular shows like Hayate the Combat Butler, Sket Dance, and Nyan Koi.

Madobe Ai and Yu

Nanami’s Family

With the success that Nanami may or may not have had with Microsoft JP, this was not the last time they tried turning their products into cute girls. Windows 8 had two characters, Madobe Ai and Yu, who were voiced by Nao Tamura and Asuka Nishi, respectively. Windows 10 has Touko Madobe , and there is even even one for internet explorer named Inori Aizawa.

What are you waiting for? Watch it now:


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